Blackberry Vanilla Customized Facial

For a limited time, the Blackberry Vanilla Customized Facial is being offered at Firefly Wellness Day Spa.

Blackberries not only contain vitamins and nutrients, but they are also high in fiber and have been known to boost brain health. When consumed, they help support oral health as well.

Blackberries also provide many great benefits to the skin, including hydration, anti-aging properties and firming of the skin. You’ll savor the fruity scent of blackberry followed by the calming vanilla bean essence as you are treated to a flavorful customized facial from one of our three estheticians.

We start with a Blackberry Enzyme which contains 5% mandelic acid, hibiscus flower, fig and pineapple enzymes. This facial is perfect for normal or combination skin.

Finally, we follow up with a Vanilla Bean Hydrating Mask which is filled with antioxidants and works to hydrate the skin. It also contains an antioxidant which helps to neutralize free radicals.

Contact us to book your customized Blackberry Vanilla hydrating facial for an additional $5.

We offer CBD Oil or Cupping as $25 massage add-ons as well. You can schedule a massage online or directly with us.

Blackberry Customized Facial from Firefly Wellness Day Spa

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