Virtrual Chakra Meditation with Zarah

Mondays from 6:30 – 7:30 pm

Pricing: Pay what you can afford. We suggest $10 – 20 per session.
The first Monday of each month is FREE!

Each session in the series will focus on one chakra, including a brief explanation of the chakra, an assessment of your own chakra’s current health and balance, gentle stretching, simple breathing exercises, and a 20 minute guided meditation. Each meditation session will also end with a sound bath! You will leave feeling refreshed and having an overall sense of being grounded within your mind and body. Please bring a pillow, yoga mat, blanket, and an open mind!

Root Chakra Journey

In this session we will go over how the Root Chakra functions, as well as how to heal an unbalanced Root Chakra so it can function optimally. Various techniques will be taught including stretching to relieve excess energy from the body and various breathing exercises to enhance focus and ground. This session will finish with a guided meditation to heal and balance the Root Chakra center.

Sacral Chakra Journey

Journey up to the second chakra of emotion and subconscious creativity! This session will allow you to balance your emotional well being and allow yourself to truly let go and flow with life’s natural rhythm.

Solar Plexus Chakra Journey

Shine Your Light Onto the World! The Solar Plexus Meditation session guides you to find inner strength of your willpower. Within the Solar Plexus center is the core of your personality. It is what makes you an individual. Come shine your true light through balancing your ego self. You will leave feeling a deeper sense of purpose in your life as well as feeling that you have the tools you need to find success in all your life goals.

Heart Chakra Journey

Open Your Heart to Love and Forgiveness! The Heart Chakra Meditation session will bring forgiveness into your life. Once you have truly forgiven yourself and others, love will flow to you effortlessly. Our heart experiences many traumas in life. This session will help to heal some of these emotional traumas and find the balance of love within your heart. You will leave feeling a sense of heightened love and a weight lifted from your emotional body.

Throat Chakra Journey

Speak Your Truth; Have the Awareness to Listen to Others’ Truth! The Throat Chakra session will allow you to balance your center of sound and voice. Once you are able to find your truth you will want to share it creatively with the world. You will leave this session feeling a sense of balanced expression and having a greater ability to speak your own truth and listen to others at a deeper level.

Third Eye Chakra Journey

See Beyond the Physical World! The Third Eye Meditation session will vibrate and open the third eye center to increase your intuitive abilities. Once you are able to tap into your own intuition you are able to more accurately approach new and old situations in your life. You will leave with a deeper understanding of how to access your intuitive abilities and you will have techniques to practice and continue to access and open your third eye center.

Crown Chakra Journey

Allow the Light of the Divine to Shine Through You! This Crown Chakra Meditation session will bring you a deep, individually unique connection to the Divine spirit beyond this physical world. You will leave this class feeling a heightened sense of awareness for all things on this earth, but also a deeper connection to your spiritual self and spiritual world.

Seven Chakra Journey

Complete the journey through the chakras! This session will intertwine each of the chakras together to create overall balance through the entire emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. You will leave this session feeling a deeper understanding of how to work with all of your chakras as well as a sense of balance and lightness within your entire body. You may also find the healing you’ve been seeking!

Zarah Martin has been studying and practicing Holistic Healing Therapies for over twelve years. Reflexology was her first pursuit in Integrative Therapies (2006, Boyertown, PA) receiving certifications in Reflexology one, two, and other reflexes. Following that, an interest in Energy Therapies led her to learn the ancient art of Reiki. She achieved Reiki Level 1-3 in 2007 through a Reiki Master in Bethlehem, PA. This led to her desire to further her education in anatomy and physiology. She studied massage therapy in Flagstaff, AZ (2008) and Kulpsville, PA (2010) and received her massage therapy license, after which she attended Everglades University, graduating in 2017 with her Bachelors of Science in Alternative Medicine. Intertwined between all that education she has also become certified in Cranio-Sacral and Hypnosis. Most recently she has uprooted her life to continue her pursuit in a Doctorate of Chinese Medicine in San Diego, CA.

Ms. Martin believes that the body is an endless journey of physical design and spiritual enlightenment. In her practice she combines all of these physical and energy therapies allowing for an all-encompassing holistic treatment for the client. We are individuals and so we should be treated and cared for as such.

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