You Deserve a Break Today: Four Ways to Boost Your Emotional Health

With the overwhelming stress in our world today, we’re all grappling with anger, sadness, worry, and other heavy feelings. That’s understandable, and totally normal. It’s how we deal with those emotions that can become an issue. 

When we aren’t taking care of our emotional health, our coping skills may devolve rapidly and we exhibit some not-so-great behaviors. If we’re frustrated with distance learning, we may lash out at our kids when they ask for help logging into their Zoom class. If we can’t bear to hear the news of more COVID cases, we may struggle to get out of bed, or eat our way through a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream. But if we take care of ourselves mentally and emotionally, we have the strength to face our fears and move forward through our struggles in positive, constructive ways.  

At Firefly Wellness, we understand how important your emotional health is to your daily life—now more than ever. That’s why we are proud to offer services that help you rebalance and recharge. You can regain energy, reinforce a positive mindset, and feel renewed.

Energy Healing

We are excited to partner with Lauravive to provide our clients with energy healing services. Energy therapies are meant to address imbalances in the body’s energy field, much as massage dissolves tension in the human body. Laura Maher, the founder of Lauravive, is a registered nurse who uses gentle bodywork to help release stagnant energy and revitalize each client’s aura so they can tap more deeply into their emotional health. These sessions can be a wonderful form of release and a conduit not just to relaxation, but to a true sense of joy.


Meditation is a time to cast off your cares and focus on being totally present in the moment. After a session, you feel grounded and stress-free. One study found that people who practiced meditation frequently had higher emotional intelligence and improved mental health compared to people who didn’t practice it. A great way to experience these benefits is our virtual meditation sessions. Led by Zarah Martin, each session focuses on a specific chakra in the body, and includes stretches, breathing exercises, a 20-minute guided meditation, and a sound bath. Free virtual sessions, held on Facebook Live and Instagram Live, take place the first Monday of every month. Paid sessions take place on Zoom, with a sliding-scale fee. Semi-private and private meditation are also available. 


Like our meditation classes, our yoga sessions are offered virtually. Aryn Rannazzisi leads our private and semi-private yoga classes via Zoom. Not only does yoga offer proven benefits for your physical and mental health, but our sessions are also a unique outlet for emotional connection: Get a group of up to six friends and you can all participate in a class together, each from the socially distant comfort of your home

Massage Therapy

Our massages are a blissful respite from the world outside. Massage therapy is well known for offering relief from stress and tension that builds up in the body, as well as the associated physical symptoms, such as elevated heart rate and blood pressure. You achieve a deep state of relaxation that’s good for your mind as well as your body. Our skilled therapists customize massages to each client, the better to address your specific needs.

We’re with you during this unprecedented time. Contact us today to help support your emotional health.

Ways to Boost Your Emotional Health

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