Old Fashioned Facial

For a limited time, the Old Fashioned Customized Facial is being offered at Firefly Wellness Day Spa in Mission Hills.

The Old Fashioned Facial includes a Smoked Bourbon Enzyme with Black Pepper Detox Mask. Health benefits of French Oak Smoked Bourbon include a boost in your antioxidant levels that works to reduce the effects of aging.

We highly encourage men to enjoy this customized facial as it not only works on the skin’s surface, but it also works on hair follicles in the beard area. X-pressin™ is an ingredient which gently digests the dead surface cells that make skin feel rough. This provides a gentle alternative to abrasive and irritating exfoliation (especially for men just after shaving).

The Smoked Bourbon Enzyme of this facial targets the corneodesmosomes and digests the proteins and lipids to release the corneocytes/cells to reveal fresh healthy skin. The Black Pepper Detox Mask has a warm, spicy, and relaxing aroma and works to increase blood circulation which helps detoxify the skin.

The enzyme and mask contain a Summer Complex of (1) SymCalmin®, to reduce heat rash, (2) Vitamin C to address dark spots and (3) Dermasyr10™ to manage breakouts.

Contact us to schedule your customized Old Fashioned facial for an additional $5 with one of our three estheticians. You can schedule a facial online or over the phone by dialing 619.249.4323.

Old Fashioned Facial at Firefly Wellness Day Spa

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