Show Some Love to Your Immune System This Winter

We need a strong immune system now more than ever to help fight off everything from common colds to COVID-19. But our stress levels and busy schedules don’t always make that easy. Show some love to your immune system this winter by making some simple lifestyle choices. Here are some of our favorite ways to boost your health that are also great for self-care, too!

Eat Well

You’ve probably heard it’s a good idea to “eat a rainbow” when planning your meals. That’s because whole fruits and veggies have lots of micronutrients—folic acid, zinc, and Vitamin C, to name just a few—that are great for your immune system, and overall wellness, too. Try incorporating some into every meal. Lucky for us, delicious, vitamin-packed citrus fruits are at their best in winter!

Catch Some Zzzzzs

The more sleep we get, the healthier we get! Solid, restorative sleep has benefits in every area of our lives, such as strengthening our immune system. Try to get 7 to 9 hours a night and create a soothing bedtime ritual—maybe some light stretching, a warm bath, or meditation—to help you wind down from the day.

Get Moving

Exercise keeps us strong, our immune system included! We live in beautiful San Diego, so we can work out  in the sunshine practically year-round. That means we can soak up some Vitamin D, which is important for our immune health. But even if you need to do your workouts indoors you’ll still get those endorphins flowing. Try our yoga classes on Zoom—we promise you’ll feel stronger and stress free!

Get Rid of Stress

Speaking of stress, it can really drag down our immune system. Plus, when we’re emotionally or mentally fried it can be harder to maintain those healthy habits that we need to stay strong. (We’ve all had those moments when stress tempts us to dig into a pint of ice cream or keeps us up late with worry.) Try developing healthy coping mechanisms to fight stress. You can try some quick yoga poses when you feel stress building, or cultivate a regular meditation practice. Firefly’s chakra-based virtual meditation classes are great for everyone, whether you’re new to meditation or been practicing for years. Schedule a private session with Zarah and feel your stress melt away! And if your healthcare provider has told you that you have health issues stemming from chronic stress, we provide massage therapy to ease the tension from your aching and tense muscles to help you relax deeply.

You Are What You Drink

Studies have shown that alcohol and caffeine may not be the best choices for a healthy immune system. Now that doesn’t mean you have to completely give up your morning latte or Friday night glass of Cabernet. It does mean that you should stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water. Add a twist of lime or sliced cucumbers for extra flavor!

Spring will be here soon, but in the meantime stay safe and stay healthy. When you take good care of your immune system, you’re taking good care of yourself!

Show Some Love to Your Immune System This Winter

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