Skin in the Game—Waxing for Athletes

For many people, waxing isn’t a matter of removing unwanted body hair to look good. It’s a matter of setting a personal best in their next half marathon, shaving seconds off their time in the breaststroke, or coming in first in a fitness competition.

Waxing is the not-so-secret weapon for athletes who want to up their game and improve their performance. If you’ve watched any Olympic events in the last couple of decades, you’ve seen competitors—male and female—show off their beautiful and hairless physiques in pursuit of gold medals. They’re not the only ones: Everyone from pro soccer players to weekend warriors has adopted waxing as part of their pregame prep. Why should you wax if you play sports?

  • It boosts athletic performance. Basically, the less hair on the body, the less aerodynamic drag that slows you down. The team at Specialized Bicycles made a video in which they timed cyclists pedaling in a wind tunnel with hairy legs, then had them pedal again hair-free. After going hairless, the cyclists “shaved” an average 70 seconds off their time. Who wouldn’t want that kind of advantage?

  • Waxing is more effective than shaving. Depending on how fast your hair grows back and the area of the body you’re focusing on, a professional waxing can last between 4 to 6 weeks. Shaving only removes surface hair, so you’ll see regrowth in a matter of days. (And your skin will feel more stubbly and itchy, too, which is not fun!). Plus, with regular waxing, hair may not grow back as thick as before, making maintenance even easier.
  • You can keep your cool. Without a coating of hair on the legs, skin stays cooler. This can help prevent overheating during a workout or competition; you may also sweat less, which can lower the risk of dehydration that hampers your performance.
  • You’ll be more comfortable. Kinesiology tape, Velcro straps on pads, zippers on your workout gear—all have the potential to snag on hair. It’s not the worst feeling in the world, but even the slightest discomfort can take your focus off your race or game, making you lose valuable time.
  • It helps the healing process. If you’ve ever been kicked in the leg by an opposing player’s cleat or fallen off your mountain bike mid-jump, you know injury is sometimes part of the package. It’s easier to dress and tend to cuts, scrapes, and bruises on hairless skin.
  • Your skin (and muscles) will look fantastic. Waxing smooths and exfoliates skin, highlighting those sculpted muscles you’ve worked so hard for. This is really important for people in bodybuilding and fitness competitions, who are judged on how cut their bodies are.

Ready to take your game to the next level? Schedule a waxing appointment at Firefly! Our estheticians provide a full line of services, and they use hard and soft azulene waxes for a gentle, comfortable experience. It’s perfect for first-timers, or athletes who want to keep up with waxing year-round for training and events. Choosing Firefly to help you increase your athletic performance is a slam dunk! Contact us today for an appointment.

Skin in the Game—Waxing for Athletes

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