Try Massage to Relieve Headache Pain

Throbbing pain. Light sensitivity. Vision problems. Loss of energy. Crushing tension. Headaches, and especially migraines, can be debilitating for your daily life. Try massage to relieve headache pain and imagine that vise-like grip releasing, the tension melting away as a wave of relaxation washes over you. That’s the amazing effect massage therapy can have on headaches.

Headaches can be caused by a number of factors. Too much stress or computer time can lead to tension headaches. Allergies may trigger sinus pain. And while there’s no specific cause of migraines, people who suffer them feel severe pain as the brain’s blood vessels shrink or expand, creating pressure. If you suffer from migraines or chronic tension headaches, massage therapy can provide much-needed relief. In fact, research has found that consistent massage sessions help reduce the duration and frequency of tension headaches.

Massage is ideal for releasing tension and soothing those areas where stress builds up in the body. By incorporating regular massages as part of your self-care regimen, you’re helping your body bounce back from the stress that can wear you down.

At Firefly, our massage therapists are experienced in relieving tension throughout the body, including the head. Every therapist takes the time to listen to your health concerns and then tailors your massage to your specific needs. Telling your therapist that you suffer from headaches, as well as discussing their possible causes, helps you get relief.

There are also many different types of massages to choose from at Firefly. One that can be particularly beneficial for chronic headaches is deep tissue. The massage therapist uses firm strokes to deliver pressure deep into the body to reach muscles that bear the brunt of your tension and stress. For targeted muscle release in the head and neck area, trigger point massage therapy is very useful. And one of the most soothing and relaxing massage styles for headache sufferers is cranio-sacral. This type of massage therapy concentrates on the central nervous system and the pressure is lighter than with deep tissue or trigger point. The soothing strokes on the head can feel especially wonderful for people who struggle with headaches. Because everyone’s body is different, our therapists will often integrate multiple massage styles during a session to give clients the greatest benefit.

If headaches are causing you a great deal of pain, then it’s worth considering how massage therapy can help. You’ll get the most out of massage if you have it on a regular basis, which is why we offer convenient monthly massage memberships to keep your self-care on schedule. The more often you come in for a massage, the better your therapist will get to know you and understand how your body stores tension. This can lead to extremely effective massage sessions. If you’re desperately seeking relief from the excruciating pain of headaches, stop searching and come to Firefly.

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Try Massage to Relieve Headache Pain

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