Spring time is the right time for Brazilian Bikini Waxing!

The estheticians at Firefly Wellness Day Spa are experts when it comes to skin care and helping clients feel comfortable and prepared for any new service treatments. Brazilian bikini waxing is one of our most popular waxing services and we offer it for both women AND men.

Why would you want a Brazilian bikini wax? Great question, and we have a few answers!

First of all, you know how when you shave the hair it grows back stubbly? That is because the hairs have all been cut and then just keep growing out with a flat, cut surface on the end of the hair which does not feel soft, smooth, or sexy. Plus, it can get itchy when the shaved hair is growing out stubbly and that’s not fun. When the hair is removed with wax, it is completely removed from the hair follicle. When it grows back, the follicle has to start all over again and so a fresh, new, fine, baby hair starts growing out, which is much softer than one that has been cut with a razor.

Secondly, waxing lasts longer than shaving. Since the follicle has to start from scratch to grow a brand new hair, it takes longer to grow out which means more time being hairless for you! Over time, with regular waxing sessions, it will seem like there is less hair overall because the hairs grow in different stages, meaning that some will be growing while others are in a dormant state.

So, waxing causes softer hair, less hair, and keeps you smoother for longer. And there’s another added bonus: it also exfoliates your skin which is great for skin health. Sounds great, right? Most people usually have more questions and we’ve included some of the most frequently asked questions about Brazilian waxing here, so keep reading.

Will waxing hurt?

Yes, waxing does hurt. I’m not going to sugar-coat it. You will experience some pain because the hair is being pulled out by the root, but it is usually not as painful as you anticipate. A lot of it depends on your individual pain tolerance and your mindset going into it. I always have people tell me it’s not as bad as they thought it would be.

The first time you come in for a Brazilian waxing treatment is always the most painful because there are more, thicker hairs, but when you keep to a regular wax schedule the hairs will eventually be thinner (because they are new, fresh baby hairs) and there will be less of them each time (because some have been in their dormant state.) Knowing it will become less painful as you continue these treatments is something to look forward to, not to mention the fact that you’ll be shaving much less frequently and enjoying the bare look and feel!

How to mitigate the pain.

Avoid consuming alcohol or a significant amount of caffeine prior to your appointment. These can cause the pores to tighten and hold on to those hairs a bit stronger, making them not want to come out as easily. For women, avoid scheduling your appointment in the few days prior to the start of your period because your skin is typically more sensitive during this time. We suggest that you wait until your period has ended or you are a few weeks away from your next cycle before coming in for your appointment so that it won’t hurt as much.

Timing is everything: You will need to STOP SHAVING for a while to let the hair grow in.

I know, you’re not going to like this, but we need the hair to be long enough for the wax to grab. Growing out a haircut is never fun, but sometimes you’ve just got to do it and push through that awkward stage. Ideally, your hair should be around ¼ inch in length. This is the average length of hair after three weeks following your last shave.

What hair is removed for a Brazilian bikini wax?

At Firefly Wellness Day Spa we can wax everything from the top in the front and all the way up the back. But if you want to leave a shape in front (strip, triangle, heart, etc.) or any other part you want to leave alone, we can do that. Just be sure to let your esthetician know before she starts waxing.

When you come for your first waxing appointment, it’s important to know what to expect. Once you are in the treatment room you will need to be fully undressed from the waist down. We recommend a hot shower or bath prior to your appointment. Be prepared to spread your legs on your back and get on all fours so your esthetician can get the job done.

A few other things to keep in mind about your Brazilian Waxing:

  • Notify your esthetician of any medications that you are taking or using topically in that area prior to waxing.
  • Wear comfortable clothes/undergarments to avoid irritation after waxing.
  • Don’t go tanning for 48 hours before or after your wax.
  • Don’t go in a jacuzzi, swimming or to the beach for 48 hours after your wax.
 Plan ahead!
  • Don’t get your first wax the same day you have a hot date. You might be too sensitive to have fun!

Getting more comfortable with your naked body is just one of the goals of getting a Brazilian wax, and that confidence is also key in the treatment room. Your esthetician knows that you may feel a bit awkward at first, and that’s okay. She will see it all and remove it all, but she’s done this before, she knows what she’s doing, and will help you feel comfortable during the entire procedure.

Before you know it, you’ll be done! Be sure to book your next appointment before you leave. It’s important to stay on a regular wax schedule to keep your hairs under control and avoid as much pain at future appointments. We recommend scheduling your wax appointments every four weeks, but that could be longer or shorter depending on how fast your hair grows and your personal preference. This schedule allows for giving the hair enough time to be long enough to wax again, but it’s not too long that you’ll feel as hairy as you did the first time.

To save money and commit to your wax schedule, ask about the Firefly Wellness Day Spa Brazilian bikini wax packages and monthly memberships for men and women.

Brazilian Waxing for men and women at Firefly Wellness Day Spa in Mission Hills, San Diego

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